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Simple wooden bead garland

Hey Everybody! It’s Leigh Ann, again with The Davidson House. Thanks for stopping by! Today I want to share a real quick “how to”.

I am sure you have seen these wooden beads being used EVERYWHERE! I LOVE them. However I am not paying the retail price!

Currently I am counting the days down for my Christmas Tree! This is out of character for me. The more I blog the more I seem to be getting my own life together. So, “Thank You”. Because my house is looking CUTE!! Lol

Ok sorry for the rabbit trail… here we go.

I fell in love with these beads & couldn’t find them anywhere. Finally found them on Etsy for $30/maybe 3ft. This is too much for my pocketbook. So, I headed to my stores. I finally found a pack at Walmart. They were multi-color but that’s ok. I am doing a neutral Christmas tree this year. The different shades of brown will work great.

I found twine at the Dollar Tree. <a href=””>Free Shipping to your Local Store</a> <—-affiliate link

That’s pretty much it.


Wooden Beads ($5.00, actually less)

Twine ($1.00) <a href=””>Everything always $1 – Shop Now</a> <—affiliate link

Step one: decide how long you want your garland

Step two: tie a knot at the end.

Step three: add beads & tie off

You are finished. I made shorter beads as well to use throughout my house on my tablescapes.

So, the outcome was (1) 9ft wooden garland plus (3) shorter, maybe a foot & half for table decor. All for less than $6.00. I’m happy & you will be too when you make these.

Once you give this a try share it on social media & tag my instagram. Remember to pin this for later!!!

Thanks a bunch

Leigh Ann 🙂

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Fall Tree for under $5.00!!!

Hey there! Thank you for reading, again! Today I want to share this cute little table top Fall Tree.

So, about a week ago I took my daughter to the orthodontist & when we were checking out the office manager was putting together a full sized “Fall” tree. It was BEAUTIFUL! This tree was of course lighted & had small fall leaf garland and HUGE I’m talking, placemat sized fall leaves on it. I was inspired. So, I came home after doing a project with a friend and had all kinds of fall material left. It was the perfect time to try it for myself. Because I don’t have room for a full sized tree I decided to do a table top.

Here’s how it went…


Table top Christmas tree (The Dollar Tree)

Sunflower garland (leftovers)

Clear/white Christmas Lights

Scrap ribbon

Ribbon for bow

Scrap burlap

Evergreen twists to fill in tree


Unbox your tree, spread out your branches. This is where I take the pine twists & fill in, in between the branches. It keeps your tree from having holes.

Once your tree is filled in start with adding your lights.

Then add your garland. Now you can start to place your bows. I used scrap ribbon from a project I had done earlier. ALWAYS, always, always SAVE your scraps!!!!

It’s as simple as decorating a Christmas Tree but, with FALL items. You seriously could do this for ANY holiday.

I placed mine on my bistro table in my kitchen with a few hand painted wooden pumpkins from, you guessed it…The Dollar Tree!!!

Thanks again for reading. As always I hope my simple decor ideas inspire you to decorate your life.

Until next time, be blessed!!

Leigh Ann 😊

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The thief of JOY!! don’t give comparison that power.

Comparison is the thief of joy ~ T. Roosevelt

What does it mean to compare?

This can be a positive but, unfortunately MOST of the time it is a negative. Generally we compare ourselves to see what we lack. Rather than looking at this as an opportunity to grow we feel defeated, less than. It as stated above “steals our joy”.

This is self conflicted abuse. STOP IT!

(Here is where I’m going to be preach to myself). I hope it helps you too.

Moving forward as you or I feel the need to look at everyone around us. You know we will, COMPARE. Let’s do it in a positive way! Do it to be encouraged, let’s do it to be inspired!

Just because my house doesn’t look like someone else’s doesn’t change the fact that this is MY home. This is where I love my family & gather with my friends. It is unimportant how big/small or expensive/not expensive it may rank. Our action should be to gather information that inspires us to create a beautiful atmosphere that allows us to be confident in sharing our space with others. Maybe I can’t afford a “new” sofa so, go online find a look you like then find a way to recreate that look in your own home. Be creative, if you don’t sow look at slipcovers. I covered a couch once with King size sheets, lol. It was pretty great. Lol

EVERYTHING is on YouTube, look it up. Get inspired NOT defeated. We have the ability to create our world. It all depends on what we are willing to do. Physically DO!

I challenge you & myself to STOP breaking “us” down with our words. STOP accepting failure or lack. Don’t let comparison teach us sorrow or sadness. Don’t let it steal your joy. We cause ourselves to focus on what we DON’T have at the moment.

Our action should be to look at what you are BLESSED with. Start where you are. Celebrate what you have. Allow your life to be filled with joy! The truth is we have more than most & less than some. However, we don’t appreciate. Appreciation is key to JOY. When we learn to appreciate all that we have & STOP comparing & complaining. We realize that most people wish they had what we throw away. Or what we take for granted.

Celebrate your world. Love God, Love People (including yourself).

Believe me when I tell you to be thankful, you will be surprised at how much you have.

Until next time be blessed ~ Leigh Ann


Pigs N A Blanket!!! Yes!!!!

Well, here we go. Sometimes we need to go back to the basics. This, I believe is an all time favorite, for most people. We can all think back at that one time we had Pigs n Blankets. Right?

Basic is ok. We don’t have to be ashamed of BASIC. I’m gonna talk you through short & sweet my version of PIB (pigs in blankets)


Hebrew National (20 count) $0.50 each

Colby Jack Cheese slices $0.02 each

Jalapenos (I didn’t figure because it is minimal)

Crescent Rolls (8 count) $0.13 each

Total $0.65/pig. For a meal of 8 Crescent Rolls would cost $5.20. Now you can definitely reduce your cost by purchasing store brand or using a coupon. As I stated before I’m picky about my Hot Dogs. Therefore I don’t mind paying extra for the brand I enjoy.


OOPS! I the Jalapenos in the photo. “sorry”

Refrigerated Crescent Rolls 8 count (obviously, make as many as you want)

Hot Dogs (My preference Hebrew National) I am a bit of a Hot Dog snob.

Add ins optional. (We used Cheese & Jalapenos)

How to:

Preheat your oven according to the package instructions. Mine preheated at 375 degrees.

To make things easy on you go ahead & pull your Crescents out of the can. Beware this is the human equivalent to a jack in the box!! I’m terrified of them.

Do the Hot Dog to Crescent math. I cut my Hot Dogs in half. So, 1 Hot Dog per 2 Crescent rolls

I used 1 slice of Colby Jack cheese slices. Cutting mine in 1/3 seemed to work well for me. We didn’t have too much oozing out in the oven.

I work on my cutting mat. The dough seems to behave fairly well on the mat. Meaning even though it is coming down to room temperature while I’m working it doesn’t seem to get too sticky on my work surface.

  1. Unroll (1) Crescent Roll
    1. Starting with the wide end. Lay your Hot Dog down & add cheese if wanted or peppers.
  2. Roll down to smallest point. Place (PIB) on parchment lined cookie sheet, point down.
  3. Repeat until all Pigs are tucked snug in blankets.
  4. Place in preheated oven and bake for 12-15 minutes. This depends on your Crescent Roll baking instructions & the oven you are using.

Once all of this goodness comes out of the oven let them sit for a minute before serving. They are extremely hot & steamy on the inside.

Serve with your favorite dipping sauce. I prefere ranch & some kind of hot sauce!!! Be creative!!!

Good sides to go along are baked beans, slaw, French fries or chips.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Until next time, Be Blessed

Leigh Ann