About us…

Welcome to The Davidson House Blog

This is where everything in my head comes out for the world to experience WITH me…

My name is Leigh Ann, I am a wife and mother. My husband Steve & I have two adult children. Matt & Meg, I’m pretty sure you will meet them throughout my blog life. We have two fur babies @ home with us Jeeter (yellow lab) & Ghilee (poodle mix) both of our fur boys were rescues. We are so very blessed to have them in our lives.

Here on the Davidson House Blog you will also meet one of my very best friends. My Mother n Law, yes your read that correct. I said one of my best friends, lol. Her name is Linda she is the Lucy to my Ethel. She is the mechanical mind behind a lot of what you will see here My voice of reason when I get an idea. I tend to take of with half of the project in place. She grounds me, I love her to the moon & back

My hope with this blog is that we share some ideas and techniques into your life. We are always looking for ways to be healthy, eat well & of course surround ourselves with things we love.

See you on here soon 🙂