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Choose JOY!!!

Psalm 35:9

Then I shall be joyful in the Lord. I shall rejoice in his salvation

Seems pretty simple, right? It really is!!

Hey thanks for stopping by The Davidson House for a minute. Pour yourself a cup of coffee & lets talk.

We are responsible for our emotions. Shocking I know. However, it is true. Our emotions are not something that is forced on us daily. We choose how or what affects us. Choose carefully. If you will give me just a minute I will show you why I believe that. Lets take a closer look at the scripture I shared above. Our instructions from the writer are…”I shall be joyful” Ok lets break it down. I have to take it in smaller bites to get an understanding. The word SHALL is the strongest form of the word will or choose. Your will is a choice or a decision that you make.

If will also means to choose you can interchange those words. Watch below…

I will eat the apple

I choose to eat the apple

I shall eat the apple.

Simply changing out the words will, choose or shall brings a deeper meaning to the act of eating the apple.

Back to where we were. So we CAN choose what emotion we allow to lead us through our day. What is JOY? Joy is an emotion evoked or brought on by well being, or success, by the prospect or HOPE of having what we desire.

Now that we have translated a little lets read again.

I CHOOSE to be joyful or walk in the emotion of well being, or success. Brought on by the prospect or idea of having what I desire.

Lets keep going, lets dig a little deeper. The second part of the scripture reads – I choose to rejoice. The word rejoice means to celebrate publicly.

I choose to celebrate in His (God’s) deliverance / salvation.

Salvation: Deliverance from the power & affect of sin. Deliverance from danger or difficulty. Preservation of distruction.


It shows us that we have a choice to make. We can choose to grumble and complain, go over & over in our minds all that is wrong, could be wrong etc. Next we can chose to focus on the good, the hope, the promise of deliverance & preservation of destruction.


I CHOOSE to be JOYFUL in the Lord. I CHOOSE to celebrate in the promise or idea of deliverance from sin and the preservation of destruction.

Life might get hard sometimes – you may feel crushed or broken. I promise you HE will deliver you. Allow God to be on the throne of your life. Let Him be God over ALL. Decide today no matter what that God’s got you and your only response to ANYTHING is JOY.

Joy, Peace and Happiness are available to you, you only have to Choose to receive it & believe it.

I pray that these words “hit”, I pray that you were blessed. Let these words take root in your heart. Let them grow & produce the harvest that God has planned for you. Amen


Leigh Ann

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Simple wooden bead garland

Hey Everybody! It’s Leigh Ann, again with The Davidson House. Thanks for stopping by! Today I want to share a real quick “how to”.

I am sure you have seen these wooden beads being used EVERYWHERE! I LOVE them. However I am not paying the retail price!

Currently I am counting the days down for my Christmas Tree! This is out of character for me. The more I blog the more I seem to be getting my own life together. So, “Thank You”. Because my house is looking CUTE!! Lol

Ok sorry for the rabbit trail… here we go.

I fell in love with these beads & couldn’t find them anywhere. Finally found them on Etsy for $30/maybe 3ft. This is too much for my pocketbook. So, I headed to my stores. I finally found a pack at Walmart. They were multi-color but that’s ok. I am doing a neutral Christmas tree this year. The different shades of brown will work great.

I found twine at the Dollar Tree. <a href=””>Free Shipping to your Local Store</a> <—-affiliate link

That’s pretty much it.


Wooden Beads ($5.00, actually less)

Twine ($1.00) <a href=””>Everything always $1 – Shop Now</a> <—affiliate link

Step one: decide how long you want your garland

Step two: tie a knot at the end.

Step three: add beads & tie off

You are finished. I made shorter beads as well to use throughout my house on my tablescapes.

So, the outcome was (1) 9ft wooden garland plus (3) shorter, maybe a foot & half for table decor. All for less than $6.00. I’m happy & you will be too when you make these.

Once you give this a try share it on social media & tag my instagram. Remember to pin this for later!!!

Thanks a bunch

Leigh Ann 🙂

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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT?? My Fall Challenge (recreating a look)

Inspiration Piece on left & my Reproduction on the right.

Hey y’all!!! I’m excited to share this project with you. Thank you for stopping in for a minute. If you follow my blog or any of my social media’s you know me…you know I want something that looks amazing in my home but, I DO NOT want to pay full price for it.

This all began with me browsing through Pinterest one day. I’m telling you that is my HAPPY place!!! I was looking for Fall inspiration. Something I could decorate my home with. I will attach a picture of my inspiration source. Please forgive the poor quality. I cropped and messed it up. You can still see it well enough to compare.

Inspiration piece found on Pinterest. Sorry for the horrible cropping job.

Again let me say “I do not want to spend money on home décor!!”

Alright! So now you see the piece I wanted. Isn’t it CUTE!!! Now it’s time to get creative. I’m a big believer in “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can” My starting point was to find a board, canvas ANYTHING. I found an 18×24″ canvas. I left it the natural “white” I didn’t spray it or paint it because I want it to have raw, rustic look. Also in my hoarders box (I’m just kidding) It’s a room not box. LOL I found some ribbon for the leaf and two small grapevine wreaths that I made from a topiary that I had de-constructed.

My next step…A little panic set it lol because my hand writing is horrible. My husband Steve normally does my lettering. This time I was on my own. I plugged up the Cricut. Affiliate Link: <a href='http://Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine‘>http://<a href=””>Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine</a> Woot Woot!! Cricut saved my day!!! My plan was to use the Cricut to cut out a custom stencil using low tack vinyl.

How simple. A custom made stencil using my Cricut and low tack vinyl.

It was easy to create the look I wanted they have SOOO many fonts available. Affiliate Link: <a href='http://Cricut Access Fonts‘>http://<a href=””>Cricut Access Fonts</a> Once I cut my stencil, weeded and had it on the transfer tape. I was able to attach the vinyl to my canvas. Now that my stencil is on I took a nice Gray Acrylic Paint Folk Art from Plaid. Affilliate Link: <a href='http:// ‘>http:// I enjoy usingFolk Art by Plaid for my Home Décor projects. It is not crazy out of budget expensive and the coverage is awesome. Some crafting acrylics can be thin or sort of see through.

Really simple to paint in my custom font.
Close up of Fall stencil

After painting in my letters and letting it dry. I did have a couple edges that were not as crisp as I wanted so I took a chalk pin (white) and went over to create a clean edge. While that is drying I moved on to cut out my leaf. I used a scrap piece of Chevron print ribbon. I only needed a small piece. Went outside to the yard and found a few sticks for stems. By now everything was dry and I hot glued my two small grapevine wreaths in place. One on top of the other. Slightly offset. This creates the Pumpkin shape, added my leaf, stem and a complimentary bow.

Easy Peasy! My new wall hanging was finished. What did it cost? Approximately $2.00. This won’t be the case for everyone. However, this is an inexpensive project. I only had to purchase the canvas. Everything else I already had at home.

Always recycle, always try to reuse or repurpose. Use your imagination and re-think. It saves so much money. Plus, it inspires creativity.

I told you this was a quick and simple project. I hope you have enjoyed it. I hope you are inspired to create your very own. If you do I’d LOVE to see pictures. Please comment or tag me in a post on Instagram or facebook.

Until next time, be blessed 🙂

Leigh Ann

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Fall Tree for under $5.00!!!

Hey there! Thank you for reading, again! Today I want to share this cute little table top Fall Tree.

So, about a week ago I took my daughter to the orthodontist & when we were checking out the office manager was putting together a full sized “Fall” tree. It was BEAUTIFUL! This tree was of course lighted & had small fall leaf garland and HUGE I’m talking, placemat sized fall leaves on it. I was inspired. So, I came home after doing a project with a friend and had all kinds of fall material left. It was the perfect time to try it for myself. Because I don’t have room for a full sized tree I decided to do a table top.

Here’s how it went…


Table top Christmas tree (The Dollar Tree)

Sunflower garland (leftovers)

Clear/white Christmas Lights

Scrap ribbon

Ribbon for bow

Scrap burlap

Evergreen twists to fill in tree


Unbox your tree, spread out your branches. This is where I take the pine twists & fill in, in between the branches. It keeps your tree from having holes.

Once your tree is filled in start with adding your lights.

Then add your garland. Now you can start to place your bows. I used scrap ribbon from a project I had done earlier. ALWAYS, always, always SAVE your scraps!!!!

It’s as simple as decorating a Christmas Tree but, with FALL items. You seriously could do this for ANY holiday.

I placed mine on my bistro table in my kitchen with a few hand painted wooden pumpkins from, you guessed it…The Dollar Tree!!!

Thanks again for reading. As always I hope my simple decor ideas inspire you to decorate your life.

Until next time, be blessed!!

Leigh Ann 😊

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DIY Fall Doormat using items from The Dollar Tree

INEXPENSIVE enough to change out seasonally!!!! Who wouldn’t love that? I love decorating for each season. Not over the top but, small spots. Places that are simple and inexpensive. If you follow me, you already know my go to spots for my supplies. My own stash from leftover projects, Goodwill and The Dollar Tree or any clearance rack that I come across.

Once again…I went to the Dollar Tree. I truly can’t help myself, lol. So, anyway I did it. I’ve seen these cute little pictures on Pinterest of a doormat & feet. I had to try.


  • Doormat (mine is from The Dollar Tree)
  • Non slip (The Dollar Tree)
  • Stencil of your choice ( I cut mine with my Cricut)
  • Acrylic Paint ( I recommend outdoor paint)
  • Spray adhesive
  • Embellishments that you might want to add
  • Scissors and hot glue

Step 1:

Place your stencil down in the area of your mat you would like to paint. Painting may take more than one coat. Have some coffee, have some wine. This is a slow process.

Waiting for paint to dry…

Step 2:

Once your paints have dried flip your mat over and cut your non slip to fit just inside the boarders of the doormat. Spray with your spray adhesive, this stuff is pretty sticky so don’t touch it if you can help it. Carefully place your nonslip on the back of your mat.

Add nonslip backing to your mat using spray adhesive.

Step 3:

Add any embelishments you might want. I used hot glue to add mine. Just know ahead of time these are risky. If you will be placing this mat in a high traffic area I would advise against them. Mine is on my front porch which NEVER gets used.

I hope you find this project simple, cost effective and fun. I’m so thankful that you have stopped by to read what I’ve been up to this week.

As always I hope to inspire you to love your home. Create the environment you desire for you and your loved one’s. Enjoy your life. Be Happy!!!

Until next time be blessed,

Leigh Ann

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Hello Fall!! A TV/Mantle redo under $10.00


Welcome to The Davidson House Blog


Hi everyone, Thank you for joining. I’m Leigh Ann with The Davidson House Blog.

Since it is the first day of Fall I thought it would be a great day to reveal one of my largest projects that I have shared on here. It’s a takeover/makeover. Let’s be honest here, I’ve covered almost every inch of my house and had to find a new canvas. My bestie, Lisa was willing to let me come and takeover a corner in her living room.

We will be talking about how to decorate a TV/Mantle in the corner of her living room. Before we get into the meat of what we did I just want to take a minute. I’d like to give a short explanation of the items we used. Some of our items where new, some old & some upcycles. Generally when I’m doing any type of project the first thing I do is shop my own stash. I take a look through all of my things that I have stashed away and try to re-use anything possible. Some people would NEVER, I know it seems weird. It really bothers me to see things thrown away. Obviously trash is trash but, I have to look at things and say “has it really been used ALL that it can?” Rarely do I decorate and discard.

As you follow me you will see one of my sources for my “goodies” is my Aunt. I love her dearly and thankfully we have somewhat the same decorating style. I get ALL of her hand-me-downs. It’s like Christmas to me when she decides to change things up. Not only does it save me money it also challenges me to think out side of the box. To re-create with what I’ve been given. Lots of the items used for this mantle were just that, things my Aunt discarded. Lets take a look at the photos below to see where and what I started with.

Fall mantle redo, blank space
Decoration Basics for the Fall Mantle, redo

Like I said, any project starts with me shopping from my own inventory. Items I have used and are saving for a second chance. Sometimes they are items I purchased for a project and didn’t use. I just hang on to them because “one day” I will use them, lol. Out of my inventory shop I found a galvanized “Thankful”, ribbon, orange burlap, orange Styrofoam pumpkins from the Dollar Tree, a fall sign and a white plastic flower vase from Goodwill.

My next step is either the Dollar Tree or Goodwill, depending on my mood I guess. This time I went to the Dollar Tree. I found Fall Leaf Garland (5ft for $1.00), orange clip on pumpkins, fall appropriate flowers and a gold plate charger. I spent less than $10.00 and headed back to the house. It’s time for the fun stuff now SPRAY PAINT!!! God knows I probably couldn’t do a project without it.

Upcycles for this project

There was also a flower pot that I purchased from Goodwill. Unfortunately I failed to get a picture of it prior to it’s paint job.

The pictures above show the process of the pumpkin makeover. Starting with the Deep Halloween Orange. I generally use spray paint for all of my projects. So, I used a spray paint that I had on hand. I started with a white and then added an orange that I had here. I just continued with the layering of paint until I reached the color I wanted. Once I found my color I took a nutmeg (brown) spray paint and hit the grooves very lightly. then came back with some yellow and white to give highlights. Topped it if with a stick from my yard and some greenery that I had save from some old silk flowers. Tied it all up with some garden twine. Just wait until you see these guys on the mantle. I’m telling you I’m in LOVE!!!!

Once all of our paints dried I was able to gather all of my supplies and head over to Lisa’s house. At this point I have thought through all of the layers of the mantle and side table. Tried to play it out in my head as much as possible. Realistically you can’t do it until you are at yor destination and unpack everything and just start.

I’m going to kind of talk you through my process. Of course start with a clean space. Lay down your runner or fabric whatever you are using for a table cover. Once I had that in place (making sure it is even on your surface you are decorating) Begin to add in your statement pieces or your larger items. Then for me I came back in with the tiny flower pots and scattered them around between the mantle and the side table. Since I was decorating two spaces that were corner to corner with each other. I treated them as one space. Making sure they flowed together visually.

Close up Shots

So here is the final product as a whole! I hope this inspires you to create a beautiful space for you and your family. Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. Use what you have, buy what you can afford and enjoy where you are!!!

OMG!!! Doesn’t this make you want to start a fire and sit down with a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee!!!!

This project was SOOOO much fun for me. I’m so grateful to Lisa for allowing me to use her house to showcase some of the things that I have created. My goal here is to inspire you to create a space that you enjoy. A space that you can love your family in. Somewhere you can invite friends into and be confident. Home is a feeling!!! Make sure your space reflects the feeling of your choice.

Thank you as always for stopping by to read. I will be praying over you, I am grateful for you. Feel free to pass this along to others and check out my social media as well.

If you have any requests or suggestions please share with me.

Until next time

Leigh Ann 😊

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Get your SWAG from the Dollar Tree!!!!

Cute Fall Swag/Banner made entirely from Dollar Tree finds.

Ok, I know that title is silly but, laugh it’s okay. I won’t judge you 🙂 On a serious note. Do not under estimate the Dollar Tree. Decorating can be expensive. I used to live next to a lady who decorated her house for every occasion. At first I thought her house looked silly, like Hallmark threw up on it. But, I began to anticipate her changing for the holiday’s. I’d go to the kitchen when it was close to time to change and I was excited to see what in the world she was going to do next.

On to my point. I love to decorate certain spots in my house. I’m not one to redo EVERYTHING. However, I’m not saying I won’t one day. Just not today. Let me find the right clearance rack & we might even have a Christmas BATHROOM!

The other day I bought a wooden pumpkin from the Dollar Tree, which I will be sharing in another blog later. While I was painting I decided I’d like a few more. Being that it’s only September I headed out to the Dollar Tree to find out that EVERYONE in Randleman & Asheboro had wiped out the Fall Décor. So, lesson learned if you see it at the Dollar Tree & you like it, buy it THEN! While I was there I found some leaves & wooden owls. Thus the idea for the Dollar Tree Swag was born. No, I don’t NEED it. That’s not the point. The point is I found these cuties & they deserve to be used. Right??!!

To begin, I gathered up all of my goodies & spread them out onto my workbench. Placing all of my idea items together helps me to settle on colors for the ribbon or paint, etc.

While the base paint is drying on the owls I went ahead & made the eyelets for my fall leaves to hang from once placed on the swag.

Here’s a quick tip. When decorating use odd numbers. Things flow better if they are not matchy, matchy. Generally I decorate in 3,5 or 7.

So, in picking my leaves for my banner I have 3 different colors and started with 1 leaf, then an owl, 2 leaves, owl, 2 leaves, owl, ending with 1 leaf.

Pictured above you can see the step by step process of how I painted my Owls. I wanted mine to have a very whimsical/folk art look. I am not talented enough to take myself too seriously when it comes to art. So, this is what I came up with.

I painted these cuties using Plaid Acrylic Craft paint. It’s not expensive & I like the body. Some craft paints tend to be too thin for me. I probably could have done a second coat on the wings. However, I decided not to because I like the aged, distressed look they have. At this point it’s personal preference.

It’s time now to start loading my streamer for my banner. I used a piece of garden twine cut at about 1 yard (3 feet). I didn’t want a lot of color because I went a little crazy with my owl color. So I took 3 small pieces of string ( 1 green twine, 1 natural twine & 1 orange ribbon) Simply tied a shoestring knot above the owls head.

As I stated above I placed my Owls and Leaves on in a pattern. I feel like a banner needs repetition. This is your creation so feel free to place them however they make sense to you. I left mine loose so they slide around on the main string. My reason for that is I use my items over & over in different settings. there may come a time that I need to move the owls farther apart.

Here is the finished product and how I displayed it in my hallway on my shelf. Listed below I will give you a supplies list and a total cost.

I hope that I inspire you to create beautiful things for your house. The simplest things bring a smile to our faces. You would be surprised how simply decorating your home can change the atmosphere that you live in. Home is a feeling and when you take pride in decorating something you get the burst of energy you may need to keep it neat and organized.


Garden Twine (green & natural)

Ribbon (Orange)

Wooden Owl Ornaments (2 packs)

Burlap Fall Leaves (3 packs)

Not including the cost of my paint this project cost me $8.00 before tax. It gave me a 3 Ft. Banner. I over purchased because I wanted all three colors. So, I have plenty of supplies left over for future projects.

Not sure about you but, I’m so excited about Fall this year. Our weather today has been amazing here in NC. I just want to cover everything I own with pumpkins, burlap & leaves.

Thank you for reading, I pray that you are blessed. I’ll be back with more tips, tricks & décor!!!

Leigh Ann 🙂