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The thief of JOY!! don’t give comparison that power.

Comparison is the thief of joy ~ T. Roosevelt

What does it mean to compare?

This can be a positive but, unfortunately MOST of the time it is a negative. Generally we compare ourselves to see what we lack. Rather than looking at this as an opportunity to grow we feel defeated, less than. It as stated above “steals our joy”.

This is self conflicted abuse. STOP IT!

(Here is where I’m going to be preach to myself). I hope it helps you too.

Moving forward as you or I feel the need to look at everyone around us. You know we will, COMPARE. Let’s do it in a positive way! Do it to be encouraged, let’s do it to be inspired!

Just because my house doesn’t look like someone else’s doesn’t change the fact that this is MY home. This is where I love my family & gather with my friends. It is unimportant how big/small or expensive/not expensive it may rank. Our action should be to gather information that inspires us to create a beautiful atmosphere that allows us to be confident in sharing our space with others. Maybe I can’t afford a “new” sofa so, go online find a look you like then find a way to recreate that look in your own home. Be creative, if you don’t sow look at slipcovers. I covered a couch once with King size sheets, lol. It was pretty great. Lol

EVERYTHING is on YouTube, look it up. Get inspired NOT defeated. We have the ability to create our world. It all depends on what we are willing to do. Physically DO!

I challenge you & myself to STOP breaking “us” down with our words. STOP accepting failure or lack. Don’t let comparison teach us sorrow or sadness. Don’t let it steal your joy. We cause ourselves to focus on what we DON’T have at the moment.

Our action should be to look at what you are BLESSED with. Start where you are. Celebrate what you have. Allow your life to be filled with joy! The truth is we have more than most & less than some. However, we don’t appreciate. Appreciation is key to JOY. When we learn to appreciate all that we have & STOP comparing & complaining. We realize that most people wish they had what we throw away. Or what we take for granted.

Celebrate your world. Love God, Love People (including yourself).

Believe me when I tell you to be thankful, you will be surprised at how much you have.

Until next time be blessed ~ Leigh Ann

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What’s-for-supper?!? Taco-Lasagna

That age old question that we ask or are asked DAILY…

Here is an option

Taco lasagna

It really has NOTHING to do with Lasagna except the construction of the dish.

Here we go. You will need a casserole dish (9×13″)


1 lb ground beef (or ground meat of choice)

1- small onion chopped

1- package of taco seasoning

1-tsp of garlic powder

Salt & pepper to taste

1- 8oz can of tomato sauce

1- cup sour cream

1- cup cottage cheese

2- cups of shredded cheese (of choice)

1-bag of tortilla chips


While you are chopping ANY vegetables for your meals for the week. Collect the scraps/trash into a freezer bag for the entire week. Keep in freezer until full.

This is important! Save them in the freezer for a week or until your bag is full. Add water & salt to a pot, boil for a couple of hours. Strain out the scraps & reserve the broth. This is a great addition to your recipes. I love to use the vegetable broth to cook rice in or add some liquid to de-glaze my frying pans.

Let’s continue (sorry I rabbit trail)

Preheat Oven to 350 degrees

In a medium skillet brown your ground meat & your onion. When all of the pink is gone drain & mix in your taco season & your garlic powder. Feel free to use your own taco spices or fresh garlic. Sometimes when I don’t have taco seasoning I will use ( chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder & paprika). Set to the side.

Mix together your cottage cheese & sour cream

Prepare your baking dish & begin your layers of meat mixture, cheese mixture, chips then shredded cheese. (REPEAT). Make your last layer shredded cheese.

Bake for 20-30 min, broiling to brown the last 2-5 minutes

Serve with; guacamole, chips, salsa, salad & or Mexican rice. ENJOY!!

A Margarita or Corona would be great!!

We had wine so, we had red wine, cheese & crackers. While we waited for the dish to cook.

Until next time be blessed 😊

Leigh Ann

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THE project that helped me overcome FEAR!

This post is a little different than most that I do. This one is personal. Folks that are close to me know that I am on a Journey. Let me catch you up. I recently turned 50, quit my fulltime job & started a new career as a Wellness Advocate/Blogger/Home Décor designer. (all self proclaimed)

I started following the life of another blogger/influencer in the last 6 months. I kept seeing myself in her. I kept thinking “man I really want to do that”. I think it was this past Tuesday that I decided to jump in. My daughter (18) our social media expert had to teach me how to turn the video on, on Instagram.

It all started with a Goodwill purchase.

So, here is what transformed inside of me. I posted the video & my first day only three people viewed. Those people were My daughter, husband and a lady I don’t know. I was a little discouraged but, I left the video up. Here’s what happened. I got up the next morning & I posted another story. That story went up to 80 views. This may seem like a very minimal number to most of you. To me it is huge. Now, I wake up excited to film another short Instagram video. I go to sleep at night thinking of what can I share next.

Finished product
This Goodwill heart was redone, made new!

The bottom line here, yes I was scared. I had to look at my situation & say “do you want to stay where you are? Scared & feeling unaccomplished! That wasn’t good enough for me. It shouldn’t be good enough for you.

When you are faced with something remember this :

2 Timothy 1:7 AMP

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity or cowardice or fear, but (He has given us a spirit) of POWER and of LOVE and of SOUND JUDGEMENT and PERSONAL DISCIPLINE (abilities that result in a calm, well-balanced mind and self control).

The emotion of Fear is simply this. It is a tool that we allow the enemy to use to keep us boxed in. To prevent us from reaching the potential that we already have inside of us. Lets face this reality, sometimes we are the enemy. It doesn’t always have anything to do with heaven or hell. We tend to sabotage our own plans & life. We have to take ownership of our own mouth & thought life. We have the ability to create our own world. Think, live and react according to the life you REALLY want. Love God & Love People. (loving people includes loving yourself)

Until next time Be Blessed, Leigh Ann

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Sunflower Door or wall hanger. Yes another Goodwill “Flip”

Goodwill “flip”

It has been a busy week. I have several finds from Goodwill that I love. I probably can’t share them all on here. I will drive y’all bananas. But, I do want to share just one more. Be sure and follow me on my social medias if you would like to follow a little closer. This is a new journey for me. You are here in the beginning of me sharing with the world, lol.

materials for sunflower hanger goodwill flip

In the picture above you can see the materials I used to pull this super cute door hanger together.

The sunflower heads are actually more recycled flowers from last years fall decor. If you saw my post from earlier I said “don’t throw anything away”. Always think outside the box. It may be a stemless flower it’s ok. You will need a stemless flower, trust me. Some flower foam to keep our arrangement tight. I used what I had. The foam I used is actually for real flowers but it’s ok.

Last but not least our Goodwill find. This cute thing was $1.99. I’m in love!

I love these little orange stickers.

So, easy Peasy you just place the flower foam in the hanger. I hot glued mine just for security of it holding in place. Mine is on our kitchen door. Lots of action with this door.

Once your foam is secure start adding your flowers. Put your larger ones in the back building forward across the foam. One or two of mine hang on the hanger just slightly.

Foam blocks in place to support the sunflower heads. Remember they are an upcycle, they have no stems.
Begin by placing your largest heads first and build forward with smaller ones.

When you get all of your flowers in place you can now decide where to place your bow. I made a very simple bow. Like always, basically I just tie my shoes. Simple!

Sunflower Goodwill Flip finished

I hope this inspires you to take a look through Goodwill or at least your own seasonal leftovers. It is surprising how much we can repurpose & re use.

Thanks for reading. Until next time be blessed ~ Leigh Ann 😊

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Don’t spend your Christmas budget on your fall decorations!!!!

Above you will see some of my Goodwill haul from last week. I hate I forgot to get pictures prior to painting everything black. To the right is some leftover sprigs from last fall & a few items I grabbed at the Dollar Tree this season.

Here is my blank space. For some unknown reason when the house was built they made a countertop on the air return??? So, it is in my hall between the living space & the back part of the house. It’s weird but, I’ve grown to love this little weird place. It sits directly in front of the living room front door. When you walk through the front door it is the focal point.

I use this space to decorate for the seasons every year. As you follow me you will see this blank space wear many different hats. Today I woke up in such a mood for Fall. I just HAD to get something started in our house that welcomed in my FAVORITE season.

The first thing we did was grab a whit canvas & find a cute fall quote. I plugged in the Cricut & had to figure out HOW to use it. Seriously, it was bad, it involved YouTube & everything. Hours later…we have a cute canvas (pictured above.)

Honestly, putting the basket together was nothing hard. It is just a basket with stuff randomly stuck inside. This arrangement is different than most. Normally you would have floral foam, floral wire & possibly hot glue. I love the simplicity of it just being exactly what it is, a basket holding stuff.

My basket is made up of a wire basket that I picked up at Goodwill for $0.45. Originally it was pastel rainbow colored. Then my basket filler is scraps from last years Fall decorations. I went by the Dollar Tree & picked up (3) burlap pumpkins & a “Thankful” sign, add another $4.00. All together I’ve purchased $4.45 worth of “new” stuff for this years hallway decorations.

I started loading up the countertop. It looked pretty plain to me so I went digging through my box AGAIN for more Fall leftovers. I found a set of (3) block pumpkins that we made last year from a scrap 4×4 & twigs out of our yard. To update them to match this years theme I only had to change the ribbon. Still haven’t spent anymore money.

Ugghhhh! Still not satisfied….back to the box of Fall’s past I go. I pull out my OLD, OLD, OLD pom pom’s. I have a love hate relationship with these pom pom’s. I love them but, I feel like everyone else hates them. LOL it doesn’t matter because guess what? They were exactly what my hallway was missing. Below is the final look. What do you think?

The takeaway here is as you are creating your seasonal décor this year, save your scraps. Save your pieces, stems, whatever. You never know what might just make it back for a second or even a third year.

Spray paint is always your friend & sometimes you just need to change the ribbon to give a little update.

See you in a few days, once I decide what I’m doing with my dining room table for the season.

Be Blessed Leigh Ann 🙂

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Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie….One of my FAVORITES!!!

All ingredients needed for this AMAZING smoothie, using our Margaritaville blender.

This is one of my very favorite smoothies. For a couple of reasons, one, no waste… what do I mean by that. You know when you buy bananas they are usually as green as grass. The next couple of days when you have only eaten one or two they start getting spotty & turning. Don’t throw them away. Place them in the freezer you can either peel them & put them in a freezer safe container or freeze them peel & all. NO WASTE!! If you freeze them with the peel on it’s a slightly messier process. It includes a little microwave before you can make your smoothie. (which is what we did, because I was lazy in the freezing process)

These smoothies are a great after workout treat. Decent protein, not too much sugar that doesn’t come from the banana. It is also a great replacement for a milk shake when you are trying to watch what you are eating. Of course you have soooo many options with the fruits & just leave the Peanut Butter out all together. So, lets jump in to talking about how to put this together.

Above you can see all of our ingredients in the bowl/Pitcher of the blender. Be slightly conservative with the milk. You can add to but you cannot take away. 🙂 With your ice ready to go place in the top of your Margaritaville blender to shave down into your smoothie mix. Continue to add ice & milk, if necessary to reach the milkshake like consistency of your smoothie. I like to be able to sip mine through a straw without a struggle.

Use your imagination with this & be creative. You can use frozen fruits like strawberries, mixed berries etc. Another good addition is Orange Juice instead of milk this obviously would be without the Peanut Butter & only fruits & juices. (your favorite protein powder can be added)

INGREDIENTS: (makes 2 servings)

2 Frozen Bananas (if frozen in the peel microwave for 20 seconds, just long enough to be able to squeeze the banana out)

1 Fresh Banana

1 cup Cool Whip (thawed)

1 cup Almond Milk or milk of your choice.

2 TB Peanut Butter or Nut butter of your choice.

1 Cup of ice for the blender

Place all ingredient except the ice into the pitcher of the blender. Place ice into the shaving reservoir of your blender if using a Margaritaville machine. If you are using a traditional blender your ice would go in with your other ingredients.

Happy Mixing !!

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Testimony Tuesday!!!

How I have added Essential Oils to my life!!!

My husband and I start each day off with these 4 oils.

Seasonal Threats, NO…I’m not doing it!!!!


“Hello!” Welcome, if this is your first time stopping by. I’m so glad you are here. Today I just wanted to take a quick minute to share my personal testimony about how essential oils have relieved me.

Just a little over 2 months ago I had an oils class. Simply because I was curious if it was possible for oils to be a benefit. I totally believe what we put in our body either heals or kills. So, it is my opinion that you can gain healing benefits from your food etc.

This is a new journey for my family & me. I am NOT an expert. However I am a daily user of Essential Oils. I hope you will continue to read as I share my experience.

When I received my 1st sample of Essential Oil I had SOOOOOO much doubt. I mean lets be real, I’m 50. If oils really worked I would have known about them already, right??? WRONG!!!

Seasonal threats are very hard on me & I share my home with (2) fur babies. One is hypo allergenic. The other loses enough hair for (3) dogs. So, to say the least my eyes itch and water. I have a runny nose & itchy throat.

I woke up one Saturday morning with a terrible headache. I just recently turned 50 & have decided to try my best to make better choices going forward. I thought to myself, let me get on pinterest & see what I can figure out with this oil that I had a sample of. Breathe from doTERRA.

I had a diffuser (which I had purchased as a room deodorizer, did I mention DOGS!) I came across the doTERRA blend *Breathe this just happened to be one of the samples I had been given.

Can I just mention again the doubt that I had. It was my mission to either prove to myself that the oils actually could be used as an alternative to medication or that they were the “new” room deodorizer. At this point I had refused to take anything for my headache/sinus pressure. Taking an OTC allergy pill & Advil was an everyday part of my life.

So, I put about 10 drops of Breathe in my diffuser, sat down next to it with a cup of coffee. Seriously! within minutes, MINUTES. My head had opened up. My headache had stopped. It was at that moment when I decided I would use oils every day. This was a huge part of starting my journey as a wellness advocate with doTERRA.

With Essential Oils I don’t think you ever stop learning. There is so much and what I’m about to share with you works great for me. However you need to remember that we each metabolize the oils differently. Therefore you may have different results.

Always! Always! make 100% sure that your Essential Oils are CTG (certified therapeutic grade) Purchase from a trusted source. If you don’t know an advocate you can hit me up, I’ll be glad to help.

I’m super excited to say that since I’ve become familiar with some of the Essential Oils I have been able to remove ALL OTC medications from my home. We use (Lemon, Lavendar, Peppermint & Frankincense ) 2 drops each added into a Veggie Cap every morning. Usually we only need this one time per day. However with oils you use a smaller amount more often. So, if throughout the day maybe 3 or 4 hours later I start feeling the pressure again. I will either add a few drops of peppermint & lemon to my water or take another veggie cap.

Lemon – Supports healthy respiratory function, seasonal discomfort

Lavender – Calming & relaxing, may help support your immune system during seasonal threats. Promotes feelings of more clear breathing & open airways.

Peppermint – Helps with respiratory function and breathing.

Frankincense – Supports cellular function, lung and respiratory function.

Above is the blend that we use (2 drops of each) into a veggie cap We take one capsule each morning, followed with lots of liquid. If you spill any on the outside of the capsule you will know. LOL its weird at first but then you become accustomed to the way the oils taste & won’t mind it.

There are several people who just drop this in the morning water…I prefer the capsule. Later in the day I don’t mind the oil in my water. If you do use your oils like this be sure to drink from a (Not Plastic) cup. Glass, stainless etch. Oils pull toxins therefore it will pull the toxins out of your plastics.

Thank you for taking time to read about my “oily” experience. I have enjoyed learning and testing out the claims. I can tell you that I have not been disappointed at all. Remember if you try something and you are not completely satisfied get with a Wellness Advocate so they can help you maneuver your way through. It is a lot of information & can seem overwhelming. Just learn a little bit at a time.

See you next time, be blessed 🙂