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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT?? My Fall Challenge (recreating a look)

Inspiration Piece on left & my Reproduction on the right.

Hey y’all!!! I’m excited to share this project with you. Thank you for stopping in for a minute. If you follow my blog or any of my social media’s you know me…you know I want something that looks amazing in my home but, I DO NOT want to pay full price for it.

This all began with me browsing through Pinterest one day. I’m telling you that is my HAPPY place!!! I was looking for Fall inspiration. Something I could decorate my home with. I will attach a picture of my inspiration source. Please forgive the poor quality. I cropped and messed it up. You can still see it well enough to compare.

Inspiration piece found on Pinterest. Sorry for the horrible cropping job.

Again let me say “I do not want to spend money on home décor!!”

Alright! So now you see the piece I wanted. Isn’t it CUTE!!! Now it’s time to get creative. I’m a big believer in “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can” My starting point was to find a board, canvas ANYTHING. I found an 18×24″ canvas. I left it the natural “white” I didn’t spray it or paint it because I want it to have raw, rustic look. Also in my hoarders box (I’m just kidding) It’s a room not box. LOL I found some ribbon for the leaf and two small grapevine wreaths that I made from a topiary that I had de-constructed.

My next step…A little panic set it lol because my hand writing is horrible. My husband Steve normally does my lettering. This time I was on my own. I plugged up the Cricut. Affiliate Link: <a href='http://Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine‘>http://<a href=””>Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine</a> Woot Woot!! Cricut saved my day!!! My plan was to use the Cricut to cut out a custom stencil using low tack vinyl.

How simple. A custom made stencil using my Cricut and low tack vinyl.

It was easy to create the look I wanted they have SOOO many fonts available. Affiliate Link: <a href='http://Cricut Access Fonts‘>http://<a href=””>Cricut Access Fonts</a> Once I cut my stencil, weeded and had it on the transfer tape. I was able to attach the vinyl to my canvas. Now that my stencil is on I took a nice Gray Acrylic Paint Folk Art from Plaid. Affilliate Link: <a href='http:// ‘>http:// I enjoy usingFolk Art by Plaid for my Home Décor projects. It is not crazy out of budget expensive and the coverage is awesome. Some crafting acrylics can be thin or sort of see through.

Really simple to paint in my custom font.
Close up of Fall stencil

After painting in my letters and letting it dry. I did have a couple edges that were not as crisp as I wanted so I took a chalk pin (white) and went over to create a clean edge. While that is drying I moved on to cut out my leaf. I used a scrap piece of Chevron print ribbon. I only needed a small piece. Went outside to the yard and found a few sticks for stems. By now everything was dry and I hot glued my two small grapevine wreaths in place. One on top of the other. Slightly offset. This creates the Pumpkin shape, added my leaf, stem and a complimentary bow.

Easy Peasy! My new wall hanging was finished. What did it cost? Approximately $2.00. This won’t be the case for everyone. However, this is an inexpensive project. I only had to purchase the canvas. Everything else I already had at home.

Always recycle, always try to reuse or repurpose. Use your imagination and re-think. It saves so much money. Plus, it inspires creativity.

I told you this was a quick and simple project. I hope you have enjoyed it. I hope you are inspired to create your very own. If you do I’d LOVE to see pictures. Please comment or tag me in a post on Instagram or facebook.

Until next time, be blessed 🙂

Leigh Ann

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