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DIY Fall Doormat using items from The Dollar Tree

INEXPENSIVE enough to change out seasonally!!!! Who wouldn’t love that? I love decorating for each season. Not over the top but, small spots. Places that are simple and inexpensive. If you follow me, you already know my go to spots for my supplies. My own stash from leftover projects, Goodwill and The Dollar Tree or any clearance rack that I come across.

Once again…I went to the Dollar Tree. I truly can’t help myself, lol. So, anyway I did it. I’ve seen these cute little pictures on Pinterest of a doormat & feet. I had to try.


  • Doormat (mine is from The Dollar Tree)
  • Non slip (The Dollar Tree)
  • Stencil of your choice ( I cut mine with my Cricut)
  • Acrylic Paint ( I recommend outdoor paint)
  • Spray adhesive
  • Embellishments that you might want to add
  • Scissors and hot glue

Step 1:

Place your stencil down in the area of your mat you would like to paint. Painting may take more than one coat. Have some coffee, have some wine. This is a slow process.

Waiting for paint to dry…

Step 2:

Once your paints have dried flip your mat over and cut your non slip to fit just inside the boarders of the doormat. Spray with your spray adhesive, this stuff is pretty sticky so don’t touch it if you can help it. Carefully place your nonslip on the back of your mat.

Add nonslip backing to your mat using spray adhesive.

Step 3:

Add any embelishments you might want. I used hot glue to add mine. Just know ahead of time these are risky. If you will be placing this mat in a high traffic area I would advise against them. Mine is on my front porch which NEVER gets used.

I hope you find this project simple, cost effective and fun. I’m so thankful that you have stopped by to read what I’ve been up to this week.

As always I hope to inspire you to love your home. Create the environment you desire for you and your loved one’s. Enjoy your life. Be Happy!!!

Until next time be blessed,

Leigh Ann