Make your own Dishwasher Powder and save just over $70.00/year!!!

Super EASY!! That’s what I like….

Above you can see the ingredients used to create our home made Dishwasher Powder. I’m super excited because it’s all natural ingredients. No TOXINS which is where my head is right now. At the end of making this it didn’t have a smell so I added in a few drops of my lemon essential oil. http://doterra.com/us/site/davidson I mean come on, if it doesn’t smell it couldn’t be cleaning, right?

Ingredients: (yield 3 cups)

1 Cup Borax

1 Cup Arm & Hammer Washing Soda

1/2 Cup Citric acid

1/2 Cup Kosher Salt

5 drops Lemon Essential Oil (please use CTG safe for internal use)http://doterra.com/us/site/davidson

Simply Mix ALL dry ingredients together. Stir until most of your lumps are gone. Store in a glass container if you will be adding the essential oil. I used a wide mouth mason jar.

You will use 1 Tablespoon with each load of dishes. Along with this I have added into my rinse compartment in the dishwasher, white vinegar. I have been using the white vinegar for years instead of an over the counter rinse aid. It stops spotting & your dishes come out sparkly clean. Plus you get all of the benefits of the vinegars cleansing properties.

Ignore my plastic container this was prior to me deciding I needed an essential oil. Remember I ended up storing in a wide mouth mason jar.

So, lets talk about why we would want to take the time to make this DIY. First off, it is healthier. This small step is just one more way to remove some of the harmful toxins out of your home. If you stop and think about the toxic residue that can remain on your dishes. Then you feed your family off those plates or let your little one’s drink from those glasses. Sounds extreme and I know not everyone will want to think like that.

Let’s move on to a topic that we all love to learn about. SAVING MONEY!!! Let me break this down for you. The recipe above costs $2.84 (give or take depending on where you purchase your ingredients) to make 3 cups of detergent 48 loads this is $0.06/load. If you are like me I run my dishwasher at the very least 1 time per day. By the end of the month it would cost me $1.86 or $22.32/year. Now I have gone online and found a comparable natural dish powder that is $11.99 for 45 loads the breakdown is $0.27/load. The savings at the end of the year we gain by making our own is $76.80. Yep, I don’t hate that, lol.

I realize that saving just over $70.00/year isn’t going to allow you to quit your day job. Look at it this way whatever you save can be applied to another area of your home. I’ve been a stay @ home mom for 20 years. Whatever I can save is like my income. It’s what I bring to the table as far as income for our household. The bottom line the savings is great however, the health benefits that you and your family reap. Well, you just cannot put a monetary value on that.

Thank you for hanging out with me for a few minutes. I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or comments please connect with me & lets talk it out!

Hope you have a great day & be blessed 🙂

Leigh Ann

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